We are a local chapter of a nation wide federation know as "The Bass Federation" otherwise known as TBF. The TBF has Chapters in every state which give's us the name TBF-RI. Fishermen from each state can join local TBF affiliated clubs and fish against others in a shot to qualify for the state team. The state team represents the top anglers in the state and head off to compete regionally, and then nationally representing they're home sate. 


An excerpt from bassfederation.com


“Owned by those we serve, dedicated to the sport of fishing.”

Since 1968, the independent state bass Federations have worked together to support the grassroots growth of fishing and the growth of the entire sport fishing/outdoors industry in their states. Simply put, The Bass Federation, Inc. (TBF) and our affiliated state Federation’s do not work for any one organization in particular, although we do have several long-term relationships and partnerships in the industry. TBF is proudly partnered in fishing with FLW: www.flwfishing.com

The main focus of the TBF Federation is to work for:

  • Our members
  • The member State Federations
  • The industry as a whole
  • Youth, by establishing activities for them that foster their learning and skill levels pertaining to the sport of fishing
  • Conservation, by joining together to demand clean waters, to protect anglers rights and by making additional funds available to the member states through our partners, sponsors and other avenues to assist with conservation projects
  • Fishing, by providing a means for our members to compete in the majority of the most prestigious tournaments in the world
  • While our name contains the word “bass” and would imply we are bass fishermen only. That is not the case. ”Our mission is to support fishing and support the industry. We are “about fishing.”